AMEX Open Forum Interview with Patty Tobin

July 3, 2010  |  News & Events

AMEX Open Forum recently interviewed jewelry designer and life-long entrepreneur, Patty Tobin, to get her insights into how small businesses can save money in the current economic climate. Drawing on her expertise as a business owner, Patty Tobin explains that making the most of your headquarters is a good place to start, but points out that constant negotiations is key to keeping costs down when times are tough.

Here is an excerpt from the July 2nd article that appeared on AMEX Open Forum’s website and

Get the most out of your headquarters.

Patty Tobin owns a fine jewelry shop in New York City, where the cost of running a business and living is not a trivial expense. Tobin makes it a point to negotiate with her landlord by freezing rent rates, providing a month out of the year lease at no charge, giving credits towards utility charges if not included in rent.

Within her shop she is mindful year-round of heat and air conditioning. “[I am] constantly checking with telephone and cable providers for better rates, too.” Better yet, cut out the landline and fax line — with Blackberrys and iPhones, and everything compatible for email, who needs them?

Read the article, “3 Easy Ways Any Business Can Save Money,” in its entirety here.

Dr. Jen offers insight into child smoking case today on the CBS Early Show

Dr. Jen Hartstein wearing triple-strand clear crystal quartz nugget necklace by Patty Tobin

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Friends of Patty Tobin

July 2, 2010  |  Friends of Patty Tobin

From left: Nick Spadafora, NYC Fire Dept. Assistant Chief, Ronald R. Spadafora, and Patty Tobin

Patty Tobin with newly appointed New York City Fire Department Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora and Nick Spadafora at the promotion ceremony held on Randalls Island on June 30th.

Patty Tobin & Friends at New York Magazine Event hosted by Beth Ostrosky Stern in NYC

From left: Felix Mercado, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Patty Tobin, Dr. Mauro C. Romita

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Dr. Jen Talks with CBS Early Show About The Problems with Best Friends

Dr. Jen Hartstein on CBS Early Show

Dr. Jen wearing our new matching vermeil earrings and pendant necklace on CBS Early Show this week

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Today on the CBS Early Show, child psychologist, Dr. Jen Hartstein, talks with Erica Hill about the pros and cons of having one best friend at an early age.

Dr. Jen Hartstein Talks to CBS Early Show about Why Teens Do Stupid Things

Dr. Jen Hartstein in Patty Tobin on CBS Early Show

Dr. Jen wearing our new matching brushed sterling silver pendant and earrings today on the CBS Early Show

Today on the CBS Early Show, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein talks to Harry Smith about why teens behave the way they do and how to guide them to smarter decisions.

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Patty Tobin & Friends at Gracie Mansion for Made in New York Awards

June 10, 2010  |  Friends of Patty Tobin

From left: Linda Miller and Patty Tobin

Ladies Don Patty Tobin Jewelry at Made in New York Awards

Patty Tobin and Katherine Oliver wearing Patty Tobin at Made in NY Awards

Jewelry designer Patty Tobin with New York City's Commissioner of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, Katherine Oliver, and celebrity fashion designer Joanna Mastroianni at the 5th Annual Made in New York Awards hosted at Gracie Mansion by Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Katherine Oliver.

Prince Malik Records Shoot New BET Music Video at Patty Tobin Store

Miss Cuba 2009 tries on one of Patty's rings with Prince Malik at her side.

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High Heels & Hot Flashes Picks Up on Patty’s Hot Style

June 2, 2010  |  News & Events
High Heels & Hot Flashes Interviews Patty Tobin brings positive and enlightening information and stories to women 40+ or anyone who is interested in keeping in touch with life.

The “Hot Style” feature of the month, Patty Tobin talks with High Heels & Hot Flashes about what makes a woman over 40 more successful as an entrepreneur. As a seasoned marketing consultant turned jewelry designer, Tobin says it is a combination of passion, experience and hard work that makes the difference. A shining example of this, Patty speaks about how her age has empowered her to be more confident later in her career. “I’m the typical 70s kind of girl who was ‘going to make it after all’,” says the designer. “The challenges we were up against then, I felt then. So now in my later career, reincarnated, there are obstacles, but nothing like what I experienced as a younger woman.” Read more of Patty’s interview and check out this not-to-be-missed blog…