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Patty Tobin Pearls Make The Statement Of The Season

September 30, 2018  |  News & Events, Press

Patty Tobin, Pearls, Statement Jewelry, Fashion 2018

When Beyond Fashion wanted to do a special editorial feature on pearls for its September issue, the magazine’s stylist chose Patty Tobin Fine Fashion Jewelry as the designer to feature. Patty Tobin is known for her amazing pearls. She creates fine statement jewelry with pearls of every shape, size, and color. Featured in the magazine are some of our favorite styles of South Sea and Freshwater pearl ropes, bibs, and large baroque single-strand necklaces.

Patty Tobin, Pearls, Statement Jewelry, Fashion 2018

Patty Tobin, Pearls, Statement Jewelry, Fashion 2018

Patty Tobin, Pearls, Statement Jewelry, Fashion 2018

Patty Tobin, Pearls, Statement Jewelry, Fashion 2018

One of our classic best selling pieces: White freshwater pearls knotted into a 60″ rope with faceted onyx gemstone rondelles and touches of 14K gold vermeil beads ($595). Click image to Shop Now.



Photographer: Joseph DeAngelis 

Stylist: Jacci Jaye

Model: Eden Amare from New York Models Direct

Sets & Props: Patricia Romero

Hair & Make Up: Avery-Christine Golson

Jewelry: Patty Tobin Fine Jewelry

This Season The Statement Necklace Is Back…

August 28, 2018  |  New Arrivals, News & Events

Patt Tobin Statement Necklace

Nobody does statement jewelry better …

Freshwater Biwa Pearl Mega Statement Bib Necklace. Available now. Click Image to Shop.

Freshwater Biwa Pearl Mega Statement Bib Necklace. Available now. Click Image to Shop.

In fashion, trends come and go, but at Patty Tobin statement styles are always in-style and in-stock. Over the next couple of months, we will be improving our online store and enhancing the online shopping experience for your convenience. More styles and new designs will be coming soon, but in the meantime, many of our trademark statement styles like our gemstone and pearl torsades, bibs, lariats, and our long layering chains and rope necklaces are already available on our website at

Patty Tobin Pearl Statement Torsades

Above left: Patty Tobin Mother of Pearl Statement Torsades in Midnight Blue and Bright Green. Above right: Patty Tobin Multicolor Freshwater Biwa & Coin Pearl Torsade (Available Online Now – Click Image to Shop).

Nobody does color better …

An assortment of colorful one-of-a-kind semiprecious gemstone briolette statement necklaces by Patty Tobin.

An assortment of colorful one-of-a-kind semiprecious gemstone briolette statement necklaces by Patty Tobin.

Color is always a major part of Patty Tobin designs. It doesn’t matter the time of year, the trend of the day, or the outfit in question, Patty Tobin always has more than enough options when it comes to color: Find everything from black and white combo color palettes, to neutral tones, to primary colors, pastel palettes, gold, silver, metallic, you name, we do it!

Patty Tobin Gemstone Statement Necklace

Ametrine statement necklaces by Patty Tobin. Above left: Ametrine Faceted Nugget Torsade — Available Online Now (Click Image to Shop). Above right: Large Faceted Ametrine Briolette Cascading Bib Necklace by Patty Tobin.

This fall you are sure to see major statement necklaces from every designer from Armani to Swarovski, but even the elite designers will be releasing costume-quality jewelry. One of the unique characteristics of Patty Tobin’s jewelry is that she designs styles with high-end fashion jewelry looks, but she makes every piece with real semiprecious gemstones and real freshwater and south sea pearls.

Patty Tobin Emerald Statement Necklace

Seven-strands of gorgeous faceted emeralds with gold accents twisted together in this beautiful cascading torsade by Patty Tobin. Available Now Online (Click Image to Shop).

In addition to the superior quality of materials Patty Tobin uses to create her fine fashion jewelry line, her price-points for these semiprecious creations is on par with that of high-end designers’ fashion-grade costume jewelry. In other words, you will often find that a couture piece of costume jewelry (often made from artificial or base-metal materials) is more expensive than a major statement necklace by Patty Tobin, which is exclusively made with only the best real semiprecious gemstones, pearls and precious metals.

Left to right: Picasso Jasper cabochon “horse-eye” shape gemstone torsade (Limited Edition); Rutilated Quartz Statement Torsade — Available Now Online (Click Image to Shop); Smoky Topaz & Citrine Large Briolette Statement Torsade — Available Now Online (Click Image to Shop).

Top left to right: Picasso Jasper oval “horse-eye”-shape cabochon torsade; Taupe Agate, Smoky Topaz & Sand Quartz Statement Torsade — Available Now Online (Click Image to Shop); Smoky Topaz, Rutilated Quartz & Citrine Briolette Torsade. Bottom left to right: Whiskey Topaz faceted double-strand pendant necklace — Available Online Now (Click Image to Shop); Mother of Pearl Torsade in Copper & Olive Green (Limited Edition).

Patty Tobin jewelry makes a statement, but her affordable prices will leave you speechless.

Shown above: This woman just heard the price of the necklace she is wearing and wants to buy...a typical reaction by happy Patty Tobin customers.

Shown above: This woman just heard the price of the necklace she is trying on and wants to buy (…a typical reaction by happy Patty Tobin customers).

Last but not least, there is no better way to make a statement than by layering multiple necklaces together…

Photo credits: Photography by Joseph DeAngelis, and styled by Jacci Jays. Jewelry by Patty Tobin.

Photo credits: Photography by Joseph DeAngelis, and styled by Jacci Jaye. Pearl jewelry by Patty Tobin.

It’s not as though we invented the concept of layering, but pairing multiple long necklaces one over the other has been one of our trademark styles from the very start (above photo: case and point). Whether you’re layering multiple ropes of gemstones or pearls with long chains, short delicates, or full bib necklaces, layering lets you express your own unique style. Have fun with it and do it YOUR way! But as far as we are concerned, when it comes to making a statement, the more the merrier!


Let There Be Light: Wearing The Stone Of The Sun

May 19, 2018  |  News & Events


Patty Tobin Citrine Briolette Lariat

Shop Online: Patty Tobin Citrine Briolette Lariat Necklace, $1,495. Click Image to Shop.


Captivating everyone from Queen Victoria to Scottish Soldiers to Hollywood celebrities to the ancient Greeks and Romans, citrines have charmed men and women from around the world for hundreds of years. As attractive in its healing properties and positive energy as the stones are themselves, citrines are said to purge negative, toxic energy, boost self-improvement, and invite inspiration.

Patty Tobin Citrine Torsade

Shop Online: NEW Patty Tobin Citrine Gemstone Torsade, $1,495. Click Image to Shop.


History has ascribed the titles of “The Merchant’s Stone” and “The Stone of Success” to citrine, for it is said to attract wealth and abundance. For those seeking abundance in business success or financial gain, these golden nuggets encourage a strengthening of personal will, active self-improvement, creative thinking, and inspiration and ideas, which all play a role in achieving those goals.

Cleanse and rejuvenate your body and spirit: Wear citrines.
Patty Tobin Citrine Statement Chain

Shop Online: Patty Tobin Citrine Nugget Gemstones on 18K Vermeil Chain, $795. Click Image to Shop.

Rid yourself of negative energy that can bog down your spirit: Wear citrines.

The purging of negative energy is key to the benefits this stone can bring. We are constantly absorbing harmful energy from our environment, which leads to a build-up of toxins that block the flow of our creative ideas. By wearing citrines, their positive energy acts as a purifier to our bodies and minds, which is why it is so often linked to boosting one’s creative process.

Enhance your mental clarity and watch the flow of ideas rush in.
Patty Tobin Pearl and Citrine Long Pendant Necklace

Shop Online: Freshwater Pearl & Citrine Wire-Wrap Pendant in 18K Vermeil. Click Image to Shop.

Who knew the healing properties of this stone could look so good?


The best way to benefit from these energies is to wear them on your body.


Be inspired to be better and to be healthier: Wear citrines.

Back In The Spotlight: Patty Tobin Featured In New York’s No. 1 Bridal Magazine

We are delighted to announce that Sophisticated Weddings New York has selected Patty Tobin PEARLS to be featured throughout their 2018 wedding magazine! 

Patty Tobin Pearl Jewelry for Weddingsblog-swny-main-image-part2of3Patty Tobin Pearls in Sophisticated Weddings NY Magazine

It is always exciting to see our jewelry appear in magazines, but it is especially satisfying when it’s a first-rate publication like Sophisticated Weddings that selects our jewelry for its annual issue. As you flip through the glossy pages of this year’s 2018 New York Edition, you’ll see Patty Tobin appears alongside premier name brands like Kleinfeld, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Galia Lahav, Monique Lhuillier, and many other distinguished specialty bridal ateliers.

Launched in 2013, Sophisticated Weddings New York Edition immediately rocketed to the top of the charts in the NYC-Metro area and has since held the #1 spot for top-selling bridal publication for five straight years. It’s also rated a customer favorite at Barnes & Nobles where it holds the #1 best seller spot.

Patty Tobin Pearls

Patty Tobin has built a reputation for quality, sophistication, and elegance. Her designs have been noted for their wide appeal with women ages 18 to 80 and for occasions ranging from black tie to blue jeans. Ask our customers and you’ll hear the same themes over and over: her quality is superior, her designs are classic, and her customer service is unbeatable. These qualities are never more valued than when working with a bride and her mom. Patty Tobin Mother Of The Bride Jewelry

In 2015, Patty Tobin appeared in Sophisticated Weddings New York to highlight how often we work with mothers of the bride and groom for weddings. At Patty Tobin, we take the time to work with customers to find the piece of jewelry that is perfect for them. If it happens that we don’t have exactly what our customer wants, we often will make a custom piece tailored especially for her. Read more about Patty Tobin and “Mothers of the Bride” jewelry here.


Party pictures from the amazing release party for Sophisticated Weddings New York Edition 2018 at the Ziegfeld in New York City. Seen on the left (from left to right): Teal Rahmati, Steve Sendor, and Patty Tobin.

Before we sign off, Patty and I both want to offer a special Thank You to the amazing team at SWNYE. In particular, to the magazine’s editor, Samantha Sendor, and to its publisher, Steven Sendor: It has been an honor and a privilege to work with such a kind, talented, professional team of individuals.

Sneak Peak: Bridal Photo Shoot

Patty Tobin Bridal Jewelry Sophisticated Weddings Magazine Photoshoot

Coming at the end of this month, January 2018, the new Sophisticated Weddings New York magazine will feature Patty Tobin bridal jewelry, including the beautiful Akoya Pearl and Swarovski Crystal 40″ necklace ($495) shown above. Stay tuned for more updates on the magazine in the coming weeks!

Shopping Note: This necklace is not currently available on our website, but it will be soon. In the meantime, it is available in our NYC boutique located at 108 W. 17th Street in Manhattan. You may also place an order by using our contact form on our Contact Us page. 

Sophisticated Start to the New Year

Featured in Sophisticated Weddings New York 2018 Magazine: NEW Patty Tobin Freshwater Pearl 4-Strand Cuff Bracelet
As seen in the soon to be released, Sophisticated Wedding New York Edition for 2018, Patty Tobin 4-strand baroque pearl cuff bracelet, $595.

As seen in the soon to be released, 2018 Sophisticated Wedding New York Edition magazine, Patty Tobin 4-strand baroque pearl cuff bracelet, $595. Click image to shop online.

Patty Tobin is kicking off the New Year with sophistication and style. Coming to newsstands in the coming weeks is the 2018 Sophisticated Weddings New York Edition magazine, the quality go-to source for brides in search of the very best and the #1 best selling bridal magazine in the New York metro area for five years running. Patty Tobin jewelry will be featured in the book, including the fabulous baroque freshwater pearl cuff bracelet in natural white luster shown above and below.

Photographed for Sophisticated Weddings New York Edition 2018 magazine. Patty Tobin four-strand pearl cuff bracelet in white, $595. Click image to shop for this bracelet online.

Photographed for Sophisticated Weddings New York Edition 2018 magazine. Patty Tobin four-strand pearl cuff bracelet in white, $595. Click image to shop for this bracelet online.

For a limited time only, Patty Tobin is offering a special New Year’s steal on this pearl bracelet. Shop online now and you’ll get $145 OFF the regular retail price, plus free shipping. Click any of the images above and be connected directly to the bracelet on our website.

A Match Made In Heaven

Patty Tobin & Sophisticated Weddings Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that the launch of our
2018 Patty Tobin Bridal Collection will be done
in collaboration with Sophisticated Weddings Magazine!
Patty Tobin Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Credits and thanks to Steve Sendor (photography) and Madison Lee Cakes. Patty Tobin Peach Crystal, Freshwater Pearl and 18K Gold Vermeil 18″ necklaces, $145 each.

Sophisticated Weddings has remained the No. 1 bridal magazine in New York City for the past five years straight. It is a staple reference guide among all of Manhattan’s elite brides and is known for recognizing only the crème de la crème of wedding vendors, services and products.

As part of the Sophisticated Weddings family, Patty Tobin jewelry will be featured alongside the top-shelf bridal resources collected and promoted by the magazine over the years.

In addition to appearing in both the print and online editions of the magazine, Patty Tobin will participate in various online promotions and special events sponsored by Sophisticated Weddings during the coming year.

patty tobin bridal wedding jewelry in sophisticated weddings magazine

Credits and thanks to Steve Sendor (photography) and Madison Lee Cakes. Patty Tobin Mother of Pearl Lariat with adjustable crystal-chip 18K Vermeil Gold magnet clasp (on top) and 36″ Rope (along bottom) in warm butter yellow, $295 each.

As a special welcome gift, we were offered the opportunity to have these special wedding themed photographs taken. Each photo features one of our necklaces draped atop these marvelous floral wedding cakes. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Steve Sendor for making this sweet bridal jewelry photo shoot happen and for his splendid photographs — bravo Steve!  We would also like to thank the incredible artisans at Madison Lee Cakes for their amazing floral creations.

Our 2018 Patty Tobin Bridal Collection will offer many wedding jewelry selections for brides and bridesmaids, of course, but it is worth noting that our wedding jewelry will continue to reflect a particular focus on Mothers’ of the Bride & Groom.

patty tobin bridal jewelry weddings 2017 pearl wedding necklace

Patty Tobin South Sea Pearls (large baroque hand-knotted on silk) in Champagne luster , $2,495. Credits and thanks to Steve Sendor (photography) and Madison Lee Cakes (sugar flowers).

Our Collection offers a wide range of price points and styles for our clients. Brides and bridesmaids styles start at $145-$295 for delicate freshwater pearl necklaces and sparkling CZ floaters set in sterling silver or yellow gold vermeil while our Couture selection of triple-A grade precious and semiprecious gemstones and South Sea Pearls like those shown above can run between $1500-$3500.

bridal-jewelry-2017_pink-crystalsWorking with crystals and gemstones in such a wide variety of colors, allows us to easily work with clients to design color-specific jewelry to pair with existing outfits such as bridesmaids dresses or the gown you finally found to wear as the Mother of the Bride (or Groom).

Much more to come, so stay tuned for updates and announcements here and on our Facebook page!

Let’s Go Buy Some Horses And Pearls!

And we know where you can find both in the same place: The Lake Placid Horse Show. Now through Sunday, July 9th, come “buy” Patty Tobin at her vendor tent on the grounds of the annual Lake Placid Horse Show in upstate New York. Visit our Events page for more details.





See something you like?

Contact us directly for prices and other product related inquiries.


Summer Showcase at Lake Placid Horse Show

June 24, 2017  |  News & Events, Trunk Shows

patty tobin, jewelry show, lake placid horse show, 2017

Patty Tobin will be at the Lake Placid Horse Show for the next two weeks showcasing her Summer 2017 Fine Fashion Jewelry Collection. Beginning Tuesday, June 27th and continuing through Sunday, July 9th, the nation’s two most prestigious equine masterpieces — the Lake Placid and I Love New York Horse Shows — will be drawing visitors from all over the country to the famed resort community where Patty Tobin will be setup to showcase her colorful new gemstone and pearl jewelry.


In addition to all the new necklaces, bracelets and earrings Patty will be selling at the show, she is also bringing a selection of fabulous bejeweled evening bags like the golden Poodle shown above and the lucky Lady Bug and Turtle shown below.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog over the coming days and weeks for more pictures from the show.


June 27th – July 9th

5514 Cascade Road

Lake Placid, NY 12946

Please Note: Our New York City boutique will be closed for the duration of the show, but we will be back on July 12th, resuming our regular business hours.

Loving May; Mother’s Day & A New Way To Shop Patty Tobin

May 6, 2017  |  News & Events

Patty Tobin Spring 2017 JewelryMay is one of our favorite months of the year. It’s a month filled with small delights. Things like, tossing those heavy scarves back into the closet, enjoying the lightness of seasonal attire, soaking up all the beautiful bright colors of blossoms blooming all around town, and enjoying the extra hour or two of daylight that comes with the first months of Spring.

With colors popping everywhere and spirits high from the returning warm weather, May is the perfect month to pick up a new piece of Patty Tobin to adorn that freshly bared neck and we have a beautiful selection of new pieces for you to choose from for spring into summer.


Mother’s Day is the highlight of May and the perfect time to give a gift of Patty Tobin Jewelry. And for all of our Capital District customers, you can now find Patty Tobin Jewelry at Connelly’s Diamond Gallery in Newton Plaza in Latham! Many of our clients are men shopping for their wives and we know how they love to give a gift of fine jewelry and Patty Tobin never disappoints — and with a price that doesn’t break the bank, he’ll be as happy to give as you are to receive.


All three of the necklaces above are available at Connelly’s Diamond Gallery in Newton Plaza (Latham, NY). From left to right: Watermelon Tourmaline Bib Necklace, $895; Apatite Torsade with Sterling Silver Handcrafted Artisan Pendant featuring an Aquamarine Cabochon, $2,395; Watermelon Tourmaline 18K Vermeil Wire-Wrap Chain with Round 18K Vermeil Brushed Discs, $495.

Dennis, Cindy and Gina have selected the “best of the best” from the Patty Tobin Couture Collection. Among the elegant selections showcased in their store are the vibrant Watermelon Tourmalines (shown above), luscious South Sea Pearls and the most beautiful colored semiprecious gemstones like those in this eye-catching Apatite Torsade with Artisan Pendant (shown above).

Shop Online – Available at

Click on images to shop these styles

Aqua Quartz Bib by Patty Tobin

Aqua Quartz Bib with large faceted Aqua Quartz Teardrop-Shaped Gemstones and white Freshwater Pearls strung alongside 14K Vermeil Beads to create this lovely summer friendly three-strand bib necklace by Patty Tobin, $795.

Abalone Torsade by Patty Tobin

Abalone Torsade with small Freshwater Pearls in natural Peacock lustre, featuring large Sterling Silver clasp that can be worn to the back for a traditional look, or to the side or in front for a more edgy contemporary styling, $995.

Cleopatra Pearl Necklace with large Freshwater baroque pearls and 18K Vermeil metal detail, $795. Available for Special Order Only. Call or email us to inquire.

Cleopatra Pearl Necklace with large Freshwater baroque pearls and 18K Vermeil metal detail, $795. Available for Special Order Only. Call or email us to inquire.

Freshwater Pearl and Onyx Ropes by Patty Tobin

White Freshwater Pearls hand-knotted on silk into 60″ Ropes featuring faceted Onyx rondelles and tiny 18K Vermeil details and clasp, $595. (Two necklaces are shown in above photos.)

rubies with 22k gold by patty tobin

Faceted Rubies with 22K Gold make up this lovely, glittering five-strand bib necklace, $1,595.